Simply Backpacking
Welcome to the Wilderness

This site is focused on preparing for wilderness backpacking trips -specifically those in the range of two to six nights.

Many of my  most meaningful memories and life experiences have been while sleeping, eating, walking - and yes, pooping - outside in the fresh open air.  

My intention is that the content that you find here on this site can help you to also have fantastic and meaningful multi-day wilderness adventures.


...backpacking is a fascinating and actually quite strange activity for us modern humans to partake in.

On the one hand, the actual experience of walking through the woods with all your stuff on your back is simple.  We get to “get away from it all.”  We get to really enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

On the other hand, it’s complex.  There are a number of logistics that go into planning your trip.  When I’ve driven 40 miles from the nearest gas station and then hiked a few miles into the woods I’ve lost my ability to zip over to Tasty Thai Takeout to replace that dinner I forgot to bring.

Right now - reading this website - you’re engaged in the logistics piece.  I want to help you with that.  I want to give you the tools you’ll need to be confident in your preparations.

Planning a backpacking trip can actually be pretty fun.  Looking at maps and route planning,, finding the gear you’ll need, and getting your meals dialed in.  I think I know some people who seem to like this part more than the actually doing it part...

For me though, it’s the actual backpacking part that I’m after.

It’s the mesmerizing simplicity of being on the trail.  It’s the feel good tired feeling. It’s the breathing the clean air, feeling the clear cold water, hearing the crackling fire and seeing the mist move through the trees and mountains.  It’s the quiet mind and moments of insight.  It’s the empowered and connected feeling.

It’s the simple act of slowing down and sharing all this with good friends and family.

Yep, that all sounds great.  But right now you’re still reading this online.  

Let's get to the part where you are in the woods.

The navigation on the left should give you a good sense of what’s available here.

Explore.  Learn.  Go.

This site is still new and a work in progress.  There’s a lot that I haven’t covered.  Definitely send me a message if there’s a question you have that you can’t find an answer to here.

May your spirit run wild through the wilderness with your body not far behind.